“SPEEDER NX” is a model that is set to a medium tone on the EI distribution and creates ease of swinging. The SPEEDER NX BLACK utilizes a glossy coat on the butt section and a matte coat on the tip side to give a new look to a lower kick point shaft (which have typically used bright colors) and inspires courage and strength.


The following tip-trimming instructions are suggestions only. We generally do not recommend tip trimming on a driver or 3 wood shafts based on the shaft composition and how tipping could affect performance. We recommend that you consult your custom fitter or club builder for the best tip-trimming suggestions based on your individual swing and desired results.

In general, tip trimming can be used to achieve a stiffer shaft profile, lower launch, and/or lower spin. Tip trimming 1″ is equivalent to one flex. For example, if you wanted to stiffen your S flex to an X flex then you would tip trim 1″. If you prefer to play shaft in between S and X flex, you would tip trim 1/2″.

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