Golf Grips

Golf Shafts Asia is a Master Distributor for The Grip Master, Lamkin and BJM. We also carry Iomic, STM, Golf Pride and Winn Grips.

The Grip Master

Golf Shafts Asia has one of the largest inventories of The Grip Master grips in the world. We also carry special edition grips including the much sought-after Xotics Collection.


Since 1925, Lamkin has produced the best golf grips in the industry. Regardless of playing style, skill level or aesthetic preference, Lamkin has something for everyone .


Breakthrough product of the year in 2019, BJM Kotahi are one of the hottest up and coming putter grips in golf. Designed by Kiwi Vaughan Mason, BJM are set to explode in 2020!


Born in Osaka, Iomic Grips are designed to be at the forefront of golf grip technology. Using state of the art materials and machines, innovative R&D, Winn has created the world’s best performing golf grip.


Winn is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer golf grips to golfers. Its pursuit of the most technologically advanced golf grips mirrors Winn’s pioneering efforts in fishing rods, tennis, and bicycle grips and wraps.

Flat Cat

FLAT CAT® putter grips put the feeling of “SQUARE” into the palm of your hands. Ensuring your putter face is square to your intended target line is the key to making putts.


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