Golf Shafts America

Based out of Carlsbad, California, home to most of golf’s leading brands, Golf Shafts America has rapidly become one of America’s most trusted and reliable B2B Online Wholesale Platforms for golf industry professionals. Supplying to hundreds of club fitters, club builders, golf pro’s and golf retailers in 40 states across the US, Golf Shafts America makes purchasing easy for SME’s as well as large chains and franchises requiring acess to large quantities of stock at a moment’s notice.


Golf Shafts America has the largest inventory of Fujikura shafts in the world outside of Fujikura itself. Fast shipping, same day order fulfillment and outstanding after-sales service are a just a few reasons why Golf Shafts America is becoming the choice for America’s best golf businesses

Build Center

Our highly skilled clubmakers assemble shafts and build clubs, even for clubmakers and speciality fitting centers who build themselves. Our average turn around time for an assembled shaft is less than 24 hours during weekdays and our craftmanship is second to none


Our top rated online retail stores give the end consumer one of the largest selections of premium shafts and grips on the web. We also provide free advice on fitting and what equipment will take your game to the next level


Why Golf Shafts America?

Club Build Room

Can assemble shafts with grip and adapter, build putters and more

5-Star Rating

5-Star Rating on Google and Facebook – you can trust Golf Shafts America to deliver

B2B Online Ordering

Makes ordering easy and gives you real-time inventory quantities

Fast Shipping

Fast and low shipping rates to both local US addresses and international locations

Great Service

From our team of golf lovers who love golfers and everything golf


We stock over 6,000 SKU’s giving you an array or golf’s best shafts, grips and equipment.

Golf Shafts America Team

Matthew Turner
Director of Operations

“The GOC” (The Godfather of Carlsbad), Matt’s latest fashion addition is a pair of glimmering gold snake skin dress shoes, which he wears with long black socks and flamingo patterned shorts because, well, why not? Interests outside of golf include: obeying his wife, and being a legend

Diego Gaytan
Online Sales Manager

Has so much swag it’s not uncommon to find his TikTok followers camped outside Golf Shafts America just to get a glimpse of this bronzed Adonis. Interests outside of golf include: gangsta rap, and hand creams

Logistics Specialist

Willie Nelson’s lovechild only mistake was cutting his hair. Interests outside of golf include: Making sweet love to the sounds of Kenny G, and streaking through Taco Bell drive-thru’s

Chief Technical Advisor & Clubmaker

Don’t ask him if the curtains match the drapes because he’ll mullet you. If you’re not sure what that means, neither do we. Interests include witchcraft and ballroom dancing

Giovanni Hodge
Logistics Specialist

His preferred pronoun is simply “The Man” so he fits in well at PGA Tour events. Interests include collecting russian dolls and taunting Canadian Geese

More Questions?

If you have more questions about how we can best support your golf business, please email us and we’ll get back to you with 24 hours.