Graphite Design Raune Iron

Introducing Raune Series from Graphite Design, RAUNE series that responds to player sensibilities.

Optimal performance utilizing carbon design freedom for hybrids, irons, and wedges.

The hybrid and long irons are designed to make it easier to lift the ball. For short irons and wedges, the bending back is slightly suppressed, and the ballistic control is emphasized for a sense of stability.

Graphite Design Raune ironShaft gives high trajectory for long and middle, control for short.

The stacking pattern is changed for each iron number, and the long and middle irons have a high-balanced design. For Short Irons, it is designed so that you can control the ball by restraining the movement of the tip while feeling the stiffness at the upper hand part (Butt area) of the shaft. Each iron has unique characteristics performing extremely well in the middle irons.

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