Introducing a new iron shaft that focuses on the drop angle, which is the essential element to stop the ball where you aim it. After repeated tests by many tour pros, we were able to produce a product with a high level of drop angle and feel. By compositing carbon, metal, and rubber, the smooth feel and rebound are precisely controlled. Get a trajectory that can aim from above.

The landing angle is an important factor in stopping the ball where you aim. In addition, to spin rate and launch angle, it is one of the factors that have become clearer in recent years due to the spread of trajectory measuring instruments. Tour pros focus on the angle of fall when hitting the green. What kind of shaft do you need to aim from above?

The development of TRAVIL started from there.

To achieve the drop angle that professionals demand. Uses rubber material for all layers and metal for the tip

The model name “TRAVIL” is a coined word that combines “TOUR RATED” and “ABILITY” with the “V” of “victory”. In other words, it is a shaft for irons that have been developed to bring out the capabilities of tour players based on tour feedback.
The focus was on the falling angle. Developed using Fujikura’s unique composite technology so that you can aim from the top and stop the ball even on the hard and fast greens of tour specifications.

“Metal Composite Technology” is a center-of-gravity adjustment technology that achieves the same club balance as steel shafts without compromising swing comfort. In addition, by adopting “Rubber Composite Technology”, in addition to controlling the bending return of the shaft, we succeeded in acquiring a soft-hitting feel. In addition, it is also a big feature that is designed to have a smooth EI distribution while increasing the tip rigidity. The synergistic effect with the rubber material makes the shaft sticky and improves the operability of the head. It enables the gentle angle of incidence, high launch angle, and large drop angle required by tour pros.

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