JumboMax Original Wrap

The JumboMax® Wrap Series is the grip that started it all. It offers elevated comfort and tackiness without compromising the stability golfers need to play their best.

Unlike super-oversize grips of the past, the Wrap Series offers maximum clubface control with StabilityCore™, their twist-resistant grip foundation that delivers tour-level performance at any speed.

  • Promotes Light, Even Grip Pressure: Creates faster clubhead speed.
  • Super-Oversized Profile: Improves clubface awareness and control.
  • Twist-Resistant StabilityCore™: Offers maximum performance in the rough.
  • Wrap Series: Our softest, most comfortable, and most shock-absorbing grip.
  • Ergonomic Shape: Allows for more practice and less pain.
  • Counter-Balanced Design: Helps golfers smooth out their swing.
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