JumboMax Armlock 21″

The ArmLock 21 was named the best ArmLock grip by Golf.com. It’s slightly oversized with a pistol shape that’s been optimized for its 21-inch length. The grip has a gradual taper with an oval-shaped bottom to accommodate multiple grip styles.

The longer length of the ArmLock 21 makes it an ideal grip for golfers who use extended-length putters to maximize overall MOI.

  • Eliminate Wrist Break: Pistol shape makes it easy to eliminate wrist break and lock it in.
  • Improve Consistency: Slightly oversize profile promotes a tension-free ArmLock stroke.
  • Fits The Fingers: Oval-shaped bottom and sides perfectly conform to your fingers.
  • Boost Feel: Poly-Tour™ outer provides optimal tackiness and texture.
  • Works With Any Putter: Ideal for counterbalancing and longer-length putters.
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