Based on Nippon masterpiece N.S.PRO WV, which was designed exclusively for wedges and thoroughly refined for operational ease, as well as feedback from PGA tour players, Nippon Shaft crafted a new steel shaft for wedges that offers first class short game performance. N.S.PRO’s proprietary wall thickness adjustment technology contributes to high-level stability (in terms of spin and direction) while MHT (Multi Heat Treatment) technology, Nippon cutting-edge heat treatment for MODUS³ series shafts, delivers the comfortable feeling you expect of short game gear.

  • 3 SHAFTS TOTAL – Nippon N.S. Pro WEDGE (choose flex)
  • Available in the weight options 105(R), 115(S) and 125(X).
  • Designed exclusively for wedges to provide control via mid to lower launch with optimum spin.
  • N.S. Pro’s proprietary wall thickness adjustment technology provides a high level of stability to produce optimum spin and directional control.
  • MHT (Multi Heat Treatment) technology and three weight options provide more precise customization of feel and performance in the scoring clubs.
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