The KBS PGI was designed by Director of R & D and master shaft maker Kim Braly and is built for ANYONE to be fit into a steel like PERFORMANCE graphite shaft that will provide the same optimal tight tolerances, dispersion and control as the KBS Tour Steel Shaft, just at a lighter weight and easier to swing shaft. The maximum playability for all golfers from beginners and mid handicappers to tour professionals culminates in a shaft that will provide unmatched shot making and control for the first time in a graphite iron product. The KBS PGI will be offered in Parallel Tip options initially, with Taper Tip options later in 2021, and weights ranging in 10gram increments from 50grams to 100grams with coinciding differentiating flex patterns.

(.370) Parallel Shaft is a single length shaft that will be Tip & Butt Trimmed to length.
Trimming CAN change how the shaft will play. 3-PW will be 8 pcs.

KBS Golf Shafts is changing the Graphite Golf Shaft with the new symbol of Graphite playability with the PGI Players Graphite Iron. KBS will be the first in industry in golf fitting just like that have in every shaft avenue before for the first time ever to allow the fitter to choose a Hi/Mid/Low flight patterns at the same initial frequency. The New KBS Golf Shafts PGI – Players Graphite Iron Series features premium graphite golf shaft technology wrapped for a lower handicap player looking for performance beyond the universal standard of graphite shaft and eliminates the variables for more player like consistency, play-ability, shot control for dialed in performance in a pro graphite level golf shaft. Graphite Performance Pushed to the Next LEVEL.

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