Graphite Design TOUR AD HD Wood Shaft

The “Tour AD Hyper-Driver” series is a new shaft that maximizes the performance of a large club head with high Moment of Inertia currently applied to most of the forgiving club heads in the golf industry.

By using a new carbon material called “TORAYCA M40X” from tip to the middle part and “TORAYCA T1100G” at the tip, allowing the shaft tip to mid part to have a stiffer bend profile. Power loss at time of impact is reduced to a minimal due to a stable tip behavior and achieves a stable spin amount.

A fast tapered design has been adapted from butt to tip in which the stiffness is equally distributed for an easy swing and increased inital ball velocity.

[Torayca┬«M40X] Toray designed the Pre-preg M40X exclusively for Graphite Design in order to effectively demonstrate the performance of the new grade M40X. Toray’s carbon fiber Torayca┬« MX series achieves a higher strength performance than the conventional 40t carbon.
**Pre-preg… Sheet-like carbon fiber material infused with resin.

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