Realize the ultimate hit feeling with new technology! MCI’s first putter exclusive shaft.

A putter exclusive use shaft was added to the MCI series. By “Rubber Composite Technology (RCT)” which is a combination of carbon and rubber which excels in vibration damping performance compared to steel, extra vibration at the time of impact can be suppressed and a clear hit feeling can be tasted. “HARD” of a feel like a conventional steel and “SOFT” easy to make for a stroke are lineup.

“Rubber composite technology” is a technology that maximizes shock absorption by vibration damping characteristic peculiar to rubber.
Fujikura shaft finally fuses with rubber compounding and processing technology with a history of over 100 years.

The carbon shaft becomes the center of gravity of the hand compared with the steel shaft, and it influences the swing weight of the club. If you wind a lot of fibers at the tip to improve it, the rigidity will be high and there is a harmful effect of impairing feeling. With the development of “MCT”, it became possible to balance both the adjustment of the position of the center of gravity of the shaft and the high controllability by “smooth motion” which is the feature of the carbon shaft.

“Metal composite technology” is a center of gravity adjustment technology to maximize the design freedom of carbon. With the latest technology of Fujikura Shaft, we can combine carbon and metal.

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