Designed and developed by Fujikura Composites Japan, the Diamond Speeder is an ultra-premium offering as part of the Jewel Line. The Jewel line is for the golfer looking to optimize swing speed through lighter weight shafts, but keeping spin way down due to incredibly low torque. Utilizing extremely high-grade, high-strength, lightweight materials, there is no expense spared to make these the ultimate Speeder shafts. The Diamond Speeder, specifically, has the lowest torque of any shaft Fujikura ever produced. A new design technology in Diamond is the Outer Bias Layer, also in Evolution IV. Fujikura engineers have moved the bias layer from the traditional innermost layer and put it in between straight layers (0 degree layers) which provides a much smoother loading and feel to the shaft.


  • HIT
  • Multiaxial Reinforced Mid Section
  • T1100G
  • Outer Bias Technology
  • Full Length 90 Ton Carbon Fiber
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
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