AXIOM is a product years in the making. Extreme innovation, technology, and design join together to give golfers a new benchmark for iron shaft performance. Powered by revolutionary VeloCore Technology to unlock uncompromised player potential.

Available in three weight options:

  • 75 gram – A traditionally weighted graphite option that boasts incredible stability and accuracy in a lightweight configuration. Available in a variety of flexes, players can now experience the consistency associated with heavier weight shafts without sacrificing speed or feel.
  • 105 gram – A mid-weight option suited for players of varying swing speeds. AXIOM 105 S and X give players a lighter weight package than traditional steel, without sacrificing any control.
  • 125 gram – A heavier option for players with strength and speed that supports even the most aggressive ball strikers. With ultra-low, sub 2° torque values throughout the set, players can expect extreme stability and reduced twist at impact while still maintaining ample feel during the swing and in transition.


Once used only for wood shaft testing and research, we’ve now expanded our research and analytics to encompass iron shafts, helping ensure that we pinpoint the exact locations for material and technology integration to deliver the most benefit to the golfer.

VeloCore Technology

VeloCore Technology increases the stability of the club during the swing and at impact, resulting in more efficient strikes and improved performance on mishit shots. Improved consistency, accuracy, and distance help golfers hit it closer to their target more frequently.

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