Fujikura have a technological strength and a highly quality control. For seniors and ladies, Fujikura designed shaft with zero-based components and completed a super light and good balance shaft with advanced technical capabilities and highly quality control.

In order to lead the balance of “bending” “twist” “crushing” strength more and more to the best optimum balance in the lightweight shaft, Fujikura design the shaft configuration from zero base. “Lightweight shaft” for senior and female golfers is completed.

To you, swinging supple, speedy like integrating with the golfer’s body.

Concept of Development

Fujikura have produced many light shafts in Japan, they have advanced technical capabilities and a highly quality control. Fujikura had developed more lighter shafts for senior and ladies golfers after releasing MTR-VC3.0. Fujikura finally get the success of the super light shaft, Air SPEEDER. “FIT ON – best fit shafts for each golfer”, Fujikura are based on developing shaft with this phrase.

Air Speeder Technology* patent pending

  • The weight ratio of hoop layer, Multi-player

The super light shafts must have the hoop layer to keep collapse. The weight of ratio is getting up and laminate the hoop layer inside and outside to keep strength the collapse and bending.

  • Use the nano-alloy technology of the straight layer

Composite the nano-alloy, TORAY, in the straight layer. Get 5% strength of bending and durability.


Air SPEEDER performed the high torque to hit easily, 9.8deq,. Compared with the conventional shaft, it is lower torque point. But it is demonstrated that the head motion isn’t blur.

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