Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV FW


Fujikura Shaft introduces the NEW Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV FW Shaft РThe newest of the Speeder Evolution line is the Speeder Evolution IV which completes the family of products by providing a mid-spin and launch performance relative to the Evo I (high), Evo II (low) and Evo III ( Mid ). The Evolution III is designed for the golfer looking for tour-level feel and performance, but with flighting and spin that will keep the ball in the air a bit longer. Evo IV utilizes the same 90-Ton carbon, Metal Composite Technology as the Evo III. But Now Fujikura Speeder Evo IV using Medium Elastic Carbon Fiber by Mitsubishi Chemical (MR70) instead of using TORAY’s T1100G like Evo III.

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