Every Fujikura golf shaft is delicately designed through the use of their proprietary ENSO 3-D motion capture fitting system—the first club fitting system that measures information both before and after the ball is hit. With 3-D motion capture, the club and shaft are dynamically measured and recorded throughout the entire swing. These scientific swing analysis variables are then integrated with data from the most advanced ball flight monitors available to produce products that are literally the “world’s best performance golf shafts”. While every other shaft company is developing through trial and error, Fujikura is using science, engineering, and technology to create the best product possible and bring it directly to the consumer.

Fujikura Shaft introduces the Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV FW Shaft – The Speeder Evolution line is the Speeder Evolution IV which completes the family of products by providing a mid-spin and launch performance relative to the Evo I (high), Evo II (low) and Evo III (Mid).

The Evolution III is designed for the golfer looking for tour-level feel and performance, but with flighting and spin that will keep the ball in the air a bit longer. Evo IV utilizes the same 90-Ton carbon, Metal Composite Technology as the Evo III. But Now Fujikura Speeder Evo IV using Medium Elastic Carbon Fiber by Mitsubishi Chemical (MR70) instead of using TORAY’s T1100G like Evo III. This FW dedicated shaft has the same quality as Evo IV which creates high-level flight and controllability.

Features and Technology

  • MCT (Metal Composite Technology) in the grip section for increased stability and counterbalance feel
  • 90-Ton Carbon Fiber
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
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