Fujikura Shaft introduces theĀ Fujikura Zero Speeder Shaft– The lightest shaft ever in history.

“Air Speeder” released in March 2014 gained an evaluation of the market that greatly exceeded expectations, due to the high weight reduction needs and the wide range of the target. In addition, in April 2015, as an “Air Speeder Family” full lineup from driver to iron, throughout the club setting, many people are experiencing improvement of distance performance by weight reduction. Fujikura has continued research aiming at light weight even after “Air Speeder” is released. And this time, Fujikura further advanced the weight reduction technology of “Air Speeder”, succeeded in developing the world’s lightest 20 g base shaft “ZERO Speeder”.

“ZERO Speeder” which fused “super” and “powerful” should be able to break the flying distance.

Features and Technology

– Adopted “multi-hoop ply lamination” which is a new lamination method of hoop layer, bias layer, straight layer. In particular, the hoop layer that suppresses collapse is laminated on the shaft inner layer and the outer layer, respectively, so that it is made into two layers, thereby achieving improvement in crushing and bending strength.

– Continue to adopt high torque design adopted also in “Air Speeder”. “ZERO Speeder” is designed to have a torque of 10.8 degrees. If you look at only numbers, it is a loose design compared with the conventional shaft, but there is flexibility, strength that does not feel unreliable.

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