“SPEEDER NX” is a model that is set to a medium tone on the EI distribution and creates ease of swinging.

However, on the other hand, the new technology “VTC” tightens the torque at the tip and hand, making it easier to make face turns and achieving impact with upper blow. It is a model that can hold the ball firmly and hit a high initial velocity and a high trajectory while maintaining the ease of timing and stability of the middle tone.


Fujikura’s original 3D motion capture system enables club motion analysis during swing.
We were able to find a connection between the swing process and the result of the ball trajectory.


The torque distribution is controlled more precisely with the medium tone EI distribution.
By increasing the torque at the tip and hand, it is possible to achieve both high initial velocity and high trajectory with ease of swinging in medium tone.
As a result, it was found that the rate of increase in the loft angle toward impact increased, resulting in and.

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