The all-new Speeder Evolution VI continues the cadence of high-performance, premium shafts golfers have come to expect from the Speeder Evolution series. Speeder Evolution VI incorporates the latest materials and construction practices available with the advanced learnings from its predecessors. Based on the profile of Evo IV, Evo VI provides exceptional speed and stability for longer, straighter shots off the tee and features a low-mid launch/spin that fits perfectly between Evo IV and Evo V.

Pitch Woven 70 Ton Carbon Fiber is precisely positioned to eliminate unnecessary movement at impact, create more distance, and generate more velocity. Pitch Woven 70 Ton Carbon Fiber is half the weight and more than twice the strength of any other material used in golf shafts.

Utilizes the Multi hoop plied structure technology found in AIR SPEEDER and SPEEDER TR. Laminated hoop layers on the inner and outer 90°layers enhance the overall strength of the shaft preventing ovalization creating solid stability. Multi-hoop plied structure – internal and external hoop layers provide strength, preventing ovalization and increasing stability.

Metal Composite Technology

Fujikura’s proprietary Metal Composite Technology combines composite carbon with an array of metals during the rolling process. MCT allows us to add weight in a particular area to modify the balance point for improved feel, stability, and club head speed.

Speeder Evolution VI Technologies

  • Carbon cloth (plain fabric) has very little gap between layers, suppresses blurring during impact, and increases distance and direction stability.
  • By using a super high-elasticity 70t cross, it improves the feel of playing and creates a change in feel.
  • Adopts “multi-hoop ply lamination” which is also used in AirSPD and SPD TR.
  • In particular, the hoop layer that suppresses crushing has a two-sheet construction that is laminated on the inner and outer layers of the shaft, achieving improved crushing and bending strength.
  • Suppresses shaft deformation and improves swing reproducibility.
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