The Speeder Evolution IV, is developed with the most advanced technologies in the graphite shaft industry.

Building on the performance, engineering and material integrations of the Evo II and Evo III, the Evo IV sets the new standard. The IV is based on the profile of the II (low launch and low spin), but has a slightly softer mid to tip section to increase launch angle while maintaining low torque/spin with added high-strength materials.

The materials and engineering processes that make up the IV are more advanced than any Speeder that came before. New technologies include a new High-strength intermediate modulus (IM) material, for lightweight stability and a new “Engineered Outer Bias Technology” that creates smoother loading feel. Technologies that carry over from previous Evolution shafts include MCT (Metal Composite Technology), 90 Ton Carbon Fiber for ultra-lightweight stability and Maximum Carbon Fiber Content (MCFC) pre-preg material.

Adopted Mitsubishi Chemical’s medium elastic carbon fiber “Pyrofil” MR 70 “that combines strength and elastic modulus at a high level. This realized the feeling that can beat most in the history of speeder. It is now possible to achieve a strong impact that is graspable by “super high elasticity 90t carbon” adopted from the successive EVO series (II, III) and the Jewel line. In addition, we adopted Fujikura shaft’s patented technology “MCT” and low resin carbon sheet, which brought out excellent stability.

High performance medium elastic carbon fiber Pyrofil MR70
MR70 has been adapted for Fujikura Jewel Line “DIAMOND Speeder” which was launched in April 2017. MR70 is one of Fujikura’s advanced carbon fiber technologies used in golf featuring ultra-lightweight strength for speed and stability throughout the swing.

Speeder Evolution IV Technologies

  • Full-length 3D printed Black/Silver gradient cosmetic
  • High-strength, high-performance intermediate modulus (IM) material for lightweight stability
  • Engineered and produced in Japan
  • Metal Composite Technology, enables us to add weight in key points in the shaft for improved balance, feel or kick speed
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 90 Ton Carbon Fiber – exceptionally expensive, thin and strong material to reduce weight while maintaining stability
  • Engineered Outer Bias Technology; By moving the bias layer in between the layers of straight-aligned material, it provides for a much smoother loading and feel of the shaft
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