The original Evolution shaft is still a great performener it was made of 50T carbon + T1100G materials, the new Evolution II now features 90T carbon + TT1100G + MCT technology similar to their MCI shafts, MCT standrds for Metal Composite Tech which is used to firm up the tip section while not restricting its kick and also allows Fujilkura to soften certain areas without losing any accuracy which lends it’s self to better feel and a noticeable kick.

The Speeder Evolution II brings you the ultimate in high performance design for the golfer seeking low launch and low spin. Evo II was the lowest launch of the 3 Evolution shafts. Use of Triax Core technology, three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft, provided maximum stability and prevention of ovalization. The Speeder Evolution II also offered a counterbalanced design to maintain swing weight at longer lengths and offset heavier clubheads.

Available in multiple weights in the familiar line up of Speeder 474, 569, 661, 757.


  • Made of 90T Carbon + TT1100G + MCT Technology
  • MCT technology helps square the club face relying less on hand timing
  • Strong & Powerful Trajectory with less spin
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