From Fujkura’s state-of-the-art enso® motion capture technology to the craftsmanship and exceptional materials used in every Power Surge shaft. Fujikura spared no expense on the journey to perfection. Put precision back in your swing; upgrade to a shaft like no other: Power Surge.

Power Surge is designed for golfers of any skill level looking to increase ball speed and decrease spin, doing so in a way that no shaft has ever achieved before. Fujikura have accomplished this through research using Fujikura proprietary enso® motion capture system and the sue of a new Japanese Pitch Woven reinforced material Fujikura call PCI [Power Carbon Infused]. Fujikura are the first to incorporate this material into a golf shaft. PCI’s properties translate to low torque and low spin, yet Power Surge is easy to load with exceptional feel throughout the swing, something traditionally difficult to achieve in a low torque shaft…until now.


  • Exotic, Ultra-High Modulus, Pitch Woven material from Japan used in Satellite Applications
  • 3x stronger than traditional carbon materials at 105 msi tensile modulus
  • Woven and spread into ultra-thin, lightweight reinforcement weighing half of a standard fiber (100g/m2)
  • The stiffest, lightest and thinnest carbon fabric ever used in golf at only 0.08 mm thickness
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