The DigiFlex 2.0 uses a set of algorithms to accurately calculate the frequency of a golf club shaft. There are many factors that can influence the accuracy of the measurement but the main influence is gravity. Therefore, Mitchell Golf uses the horizontal method of measurement rather than the vertical method used by most competitor systems. By measuring the frequency horizontally, we greatly reduce the effects of mass at the end of the shaft. A vertical measurement would be influenced by the effects of gravity to greater degree and therefore less accurate.

The DigiFlex always ignores the first set of flex movements to allow the shaft to “settle” into its natural frequency. During the actual measurement phase, the DigiFlex makes multiple measurements and averages the measurements over a defined period to calculate frequency. This ensures accuracy and repeatability. Since the DigiFlex uses a laser to perform the measurement, influences from outside light sources are eliminated and response time is vastly improved.


  • Constant pressure shaft clamp
  • State of the art Measurement system is firmware updatable to be future proof
  • Less than .5 CPM to 30,000 CPM count in 0.01 CPM increments
  • 16 cycle counts for accuracy
  • Selectable average from 1 to 5 readings
  • Built in error detection
  • Lithium battery for hours of operation
  • Operational during charging
  • Can be powered from any standard USB port for charging and operation

System Includes:

  • Adjustable Quick Clamping Vise
  • Interchangeable Aluminum Grip and Shaft Clamps
  • 205 Gram Shaft Weight
  • Frequency Charts
  • Online PDF Manual
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