The key to making perfect impressions when stamping is to prevent the club head from slipping when hitting the stamp with a hammer. This allows the paint to fill the impression because it is deep enough to hold the paint.

Mitchell Golf announces the ideal method to stamping wedges with its professional wedge stamping fixture. It is commercially designed for holding all shapes of wedges and simply clamps in a bench vise.

This stamping fixture utilizes a secure method to hold the wedge, so it does not slip while stamping while exposing most of the wedge back providing lots of room to stamp.

  • Mitchell Golf provides a complete stamping kit which includes the wedge stamping fixture, alphabet and number stamps, and black and white paint fill pens. Additional marker kits sold separately.
  • Utilizes a secure method to hold the wedge
  • Brass sole rests to limit markings on the sole of the irons
  • Utilizes the similar clamping technology as Mitchell angles machines
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