Brampton Pro-Fix 5&10 Rapid Cure

The Pro-Fix 5&10 shaft bonding epoxy was engineered with one sole purpose, to create an epoxy that cures rapidly that would get golfers back on the course or out of the repair shop as fast as possible without compromising the strength, toughness and durability of the bond. Pro-Fix 5&10 was also designed to retain the same impact resistance as the 24-hour curing products but be ready to use 10-20 minutes at standard room temperature (allow longer time for colder temps). There is no other product like it and from its introduction it has been our top seller.

Pro-Fix 5&10 gives you the technology to make high quality, rapid bonds and get customers back on the course. Follow the Eight Step Mixing Procedure to ensure proper bond. Please note the additional mixing information to ensure maximum performance from 5&10.

The Safety Data Sheet for this product can be viewed by clicking here.

  • Superior structural bond strength on all shaft types
  • Very easy to use
  • Double-barreled tube dispenses an exact 1:1 mix
  • 100% cure in 10-20 minutes
  • Easy cleanup

Available in 0.85oz, 1.5oz, 7oz, 20oz (Cartridge) and 16oz Kit (Squeeze Bottles)

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