Auditor Pro Shop Swing Weight Scale

The Auditor Pro-Shop Swing Weight Scale was originally intended for the golf retail store but has become a best seller among hobbyist and small repair shops. It features a shorter beam to save space on counter tops, superb accuracy and a robust construction, this scale measures swing weight and static weight in grams and ounces.


  • Industry standard Lorythmic 14″swing weight scale
  • Measures swing weight from A0 to F5 in 1/10th increments to +/- 0.3 SW
  • Measures static weight from 0~ 500 grams or 18 Ounces to +/- 2 grams
  • Stable Fast damping beam provides accurate measurements in less time
  • Impact resistant fibre reinforced base with metal backbone
  • Levelling feet with non skid pads
  • Levelling bubble level
  • Beam level indicator
  • Electronically calibrated
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