Auditor Clubmaker Swing Weight Scale

The prefered choice of custom clubmakers and refined over a period of nearly two decades, this classic swing weight scale offers clubmakers the ability to weigh components and swing weigh pre-assembled as well as assembled clubs to industry standard tolerances to a good level of accuracy.

The key distinguishing feature of this design is the ability to swing-weigh gripless clubs while compensating for grip cap thickness, and the ability to mount a gripless club over the weighing beam, so that it can be measured accurately.


  • Industry standard Lorythmic 14″ swing weight scale
  • Measures swing weight from A0 to F5 in 1/10 increments
  • Measures static weight to 600 grams in 5 gram increments
  • Built in grip cap compensator for gripless clubs
  • Fast damping beam design measures in less time
  • Leveling feet with non skid pads
  • Leveling bubble level on base
  • Balance indicator built into beam
  • Electronically calibrated
  • Maintenance free design

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