Experienced Professionals

Our expert team of clubbuilders, clubfitters, former and current Golf Professionals and industry experts brings a combined 150 years of experience in the golf industry, delivering expert advice and unparalled knowledge of the games leading golf club components and equipment. GSA Global’s 5-Star Fitting and Build Centers carry all the latest shafts, grips and components and are fully equipped with the latest technology used by the best players in the world.

Nathan Hauser

Global Technical Director

In a storied career spanning a quarter of a century, Nathan has forged a reputation for having one of the best minds in the club fitting industry in APAC. Nathan is widely considered as one of the pioneers of custom club fitting in the Asia-Pacific region and has worked with some of the region’s top professional and amateur golfers and set up Malaysia’s leading club fitting facility with multiple locations, working with the biggest names in golf.

Alistair Guthrie

Master Technician

Ranked as a World Top 100 Clubmaker for seven consecutive years, Alistair also brings over 25 years of experience, specialising in custom/bespoke golf club assembly and fitting, as well as in event management, retail facility management and education. Alistair’s uncompromising dedication to providing outstanding customer service and delivering an unparalleled fitting experience is just one of the many reasons why he remains one of the region’s premier clubmakers and visionary technicians.

Khun Den

Director of Clubfitting

A veteran in the Thai golf industry, Den heads up our Thailand Retail Studio and Build Center. Den was a former Seagoing ship’s Captain but in the love with golf so he resigned to a full time in golf industries for more than 15 years. Den used to be an Epon Thailand Co-founder and a member of Thailand PGA. Den’s vast knowledge of the industries most sought-after shafts, grips, clubmaking components and equipment has made him the go-to Clubfitter and Clubbuilder in Thailand.

Brian Huxtable


Brian’s astute business acumen and in-depth knowledge of tech and IT systems have helped grow Golf Shafts Australia into one the region’s fastest growing businesses. He also plays a major role in GSA Global, and his expertise in multiple areas of business has been key to the accelerated growth of all locations during one of the most challenging times for all industries.

Giow Huxtable


Giow has played an integral part in the rapid growth of GSA Global. As well as overseeing global finances for all four locations, Giow is the Managing Director of Golf Shafts Thailand and the unsung hero behind a lot of GSA Global’s success.

Tony Huxtable


Tony’s relaxed leadership style, creative outlook and focus on positive collaboration are just a few reasons why GSA Global has become one of the industries most successful golf businesses. His unparalleled work ethic, drive and determination to help not just his own business, but those around him, make him one of the most respected entrepreneurs in any industry.

More Questions?

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